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Please read and accept before completing the order

In case of failure to pay more than 7 days from the purchase and if not sent any communication to the seller by the buyer will be sent a communication to which you must respond in order to avoid the cancellation of the purchase made ​​by you.

The availability of the goods is specified individually for each object and is not guaranteed to be present in amounts "unlimited" for all objects in the warehouse. In the event that items purchased were not available to the buyer will be asked if you would wait for the arrival of the goods and consequently shows the waiting time for this. If the buyer decides to decline the purchase will be refunded the full payment, otherwise if it decides to await the arrival of the goods in stock, will still be bound to observe the negotiations and to conclude successfully avoid incurring negative comments or penalties for the seller, because the current delay in delivery and acconsenziente wait.

The merchandise available will be sent within 5 / 7 working days excluding weekends and holidays, not available for that will start the procedure described above.

Sizes and colors in the cataloque are only for reference.
Prices valid from 1st Janury to 31th December 2012.

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